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  • User Description: 1957 chevy bel air convertible for sale ebay - . By 1953, Chevrolet had actually revamped its lineup entirely, and streamlined its sedans to 3 designs: a base-level 150; mid-trim 210; and the top-of-the-line 240 Bel Air. The Bel Air was a four-model line and was extremely successful given that it cost only a bit more than the base and mid-level trims. From 1950 through 1954, all Chevrolets, including the Bel Air, boasted a straight six under the hood. However it was the intro of the famed small-block V-8 along with the classically styled 1955 chevy wagon Chevys that made the next 3 years classics. Available as 2- and four-door sedans, coupe and convertible, wagon and even a two-door wagon called the Wanderer, these "shoebox Chevys" were hugely effective. That '57 Chevy boasted bigger and distinctively styled tailfins, a distinct grille, and an offered fuel-injected V-8 engine.

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