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  • User Description: Rosanna Craven Did anyone hear about the 85 and 86 year old husband and wife who were shot to death at the veterans cemetery in Maryland? Of course not! They were white and he was black but no body is talking about that.Andy Carroll He wasn’t killed because of his skin tone. He was killed because he was trespassing looking through a house and then got in a physical altercation and fought over a gun with someone.Travis Emerson Ma'am.... your son died because a shotgun discharged as he tried to pry it from another man's hands.... your son was linked to multiple burglaries in the area and was no stranger to stealing.... please quit blaming law enforcement and whites.....Corey Scherer Deaths-Dead  / Obituary : Corey Scherer may have passed away.rey mysterio Deaths-Dead  / Obituary : rey mysterio may have passed away.Breonna Taylor Death - Dead :  Breonna Taylor Obituary : Shot and Killed by Police.john sawyer Deaths-Dead  / Obituary : john sawyer may have passed away.Deaths-Dead  / Obituary : noah waters may have passed away.Corey Goforth Death - Dead :  Corey Goforth Obituary : Cause of Death Unknownlegendary local radio DJ Steve West Death - Dead :  Steve West Obituary : Cause of Death UnknownPaul Marino Death - Dead :  Paul Marino  Obituary : Cause of Death UnknownLong Time Entertainer Ron Kimble Death - Dead :  Ron Kimble Obituary : Cause of Death UnknownDr. Gabriel Gallardo Death - Dead :  Dr. Gabriel Gallardo  Obituary : Cause of Death Unknowntransgender Michigan woman Aimee Stephens Death-Dead: Aimee Stephens Obituary, Cause of DeathXavier Witt Death - Dead :  Xavier Witt Obituary : howell miDanny Bass Death - Dead :  Danny Bass Obituary : Cause of Death UnknownJean Nichol Deces Death - Dead :  Jean Nichol Obituary : Cause of Death UnknownRenée Claude Décès Death - Dead :  Renée Claude Obituary : Cause of Death Unknownnolan smythe Deaths-Dead  / Obituary :nolan smythe may have passed away. Mccoy The media is doing everything they can to make this a race issue. The media is the number one problem stirring up race relations in America. We will have to see how all this goes in a court of law with ALL the evidence comes out. cause of death and obituary have a feeling that might not be as the media has stirred it to be.Shannon Cararie No offense but it's not a race crime he wasn't killed because he was black. He shouldn't have been killed at all. It was a citizens arrest gone WAY WRONG he was trespassing. Probably looking for copper or tools. But still didn't deserve to die. He was the aggressor. He was throwing punches and trying to grab gun. Its so typical they are portraying him as a good ol boy with his nice senior picture, approximately 8 yrs old, there's more recent mug shots they could have used. I'm sure his family is so hurt and devastated. But they are now looking for a HUGE PAY DAY.Chris Goodman No one took her son's life because of his color. His life got taken because he was trying not to get caught for his wrong doings.Constance Best He wasn't killed because of his race. It was a poor choice of his trespassing. And, then those guys who wanted to do a citizens arrest, their poor choice choosing to try to do this. cause of death and obituary by both led to him trying to run from them and they tr…See MoreLeann-Tom Fronek How about actually telling the whole, TRUE story. However bad this situation is, it was not because of COLOR! Watch the whole video, look at his record at listen to ALL THE FACTS!Rhonda Hetzel A man is dead and 2 others in jail. This is a tragedy. To my horror, I've watched the video... and read multiple accounts of the incident. I need more facts to determine how I view this case.One question that lingers is why he went towards armed men…See MoreJeff Wilson NO COLOR INVOLVED with these questionsWhy did he go into private property?Why would an avid jogger wear knee length khaki shorts while just jogging?cause of death and obituary ’m not saying the shooting was justified at all in any way whatsoever just asking real questions.Real responses are welcomed.Kerrigan Taylor Konkle go watch the new video out with all new evidence. he was in-fact breaking in to a house and took off running and that is where the viral video starts. he was making a citizens arrestAllan Castillo And out of the wood works BLM comes around but what about every day in say Detroit or Atlanta don't see any marches there. Oh and also I want to get the latest jogging gear khakis shorts timberlands and a hammer. Also I would want to stop on somebody's else property while on my daily jog.Kerry Norris -Kuhl Look at the video. the car is in front of him, he goes around and broached the man. Please note that these two men had called the police before any of this happened. So it was not targeted unless they wanted to call the police on themselves. And the man is seen punching the older man. I bet they argue self defense. Did you notice the "Jogger" is wearing khaki shorts????? Not jogging.Suzie Kekauoha Just the FACTS please! Everyone needs to set emotions aside...not the family of course, but everyone else; all the facts haven’t been released yet. Don’t start building a narrative until you have ALL the facts.Marie Gelsomino I think everyone should let this play out before you start jumping to conclusions!!!! He was no angel if you read about him!!! The police know this family!!! If you look closely at the video ! He’s suppose to be they say , jogging and he comes up on the truck why did he go around the passenger side of truck and around the front over to where the son was standing instead of keeping to drivers side and continue on his way!!!! Jogging!!! He ran around the truck no one was chasing him!! And looks like he’s going after someone not jogging! The-video of the person in that building that sure did fit the description of him when you saw what he was wearing looked like the same person to me!!!Natalie McReynolds Now there are reports there were surveillance cameras in the home showing the young man in the building. Now what the retired cop (father) and his son did was not right, they should be charged. But if the young man wasn't in the home, this wouldn't have happened.

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